Legal Hitory Review vol.15 (1965)
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Masao MITOBEOn the Kenmu-shikimoku ()1
Kaizaburo HINOThe Amount of Hemp and Silk Cloths Levied by the Government under the Yung TiaofSystem and the P'i.ETuanC[System during the Era of the T'ang Dynasty31
Keiichiro MORIOKAOn the Early History of Statute64
Tsuruhisa KAZAMALe régime de l'accroissement dans le droit romain-en partictulier, concernant la succession et le legs-93
Akira INADAIst eine Rechtsnorm im voraus vorhanden? Oder wird sie geschaffen?110
Takeshi HAYASHIK. Kroeschell, Stadtrecht und Stadtrechtsgeschichte131
Masajiro TAKIKAWA Hiroshi KOBAYASHI and Mitsuo RIKOA History of Studies ln Rltsu-Ryo 144
Book Reviews 196
Summaries of Articles (in Foreign Languages)

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